Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Me........if I am still in there.

Let's start by saying I am by no means a writer, I don't say things properly or spell well, I have terrible grammer and I am generally not funny. I thought this would be a great outlet to share my story and maybe make me feel better on days when I cannot seem to express what I am feeling. I also thought that it would be a good place to share pictures and tid bits about me and my family.
I woke up today knowing I was going to be in a mood, I dont know the reason for the mood I just knew I was in one. I have been though a lot in the last few years some things were self inflicted and others just poor luck or timing. I consider my life to be very good and most of the time I feel so blessed, but with that being said I also think that I have seen rough times. I am not looking for a pity party, just stating what is true. Today I am feeling a little lost. I feel like my life is all about being pregnant........which dont get me wrong I love. My husband and I have battled with infertility for almost five years and the miracle of being pregnant is more than I could ever hope for. It is all we have wanted for a long time and I am very happy. But.... where did I go? I feel like it is all I talk about, read about, get up in the morning and do. Today I told my husband that I could not remember anything I like to do before pregnacy.... thats not good I dont think. Maybe I have been stuck in the house for too many days in a row, I feel a little stir crazy, maybe I am just ready for her to be here so we can move forward into the next step. (I do feel a little mean and selfish stating these things out loud). Huh? I am not even sure what to say know. So here is what I decided to do, take the day off. I have played games on the computer, I started a blog, and I plan to do some yoga later. I am going to crank up some music and dance. I am going to silly and relish these few moments I have left to be me. Thanks babe for reminding me of the things I liked to do before I was pregnant.

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