Friday, December 19, 2008

Lots going on

Well as in most peoples lives right now there is a lot going on. We are no exception, I guess. Weekly check up with Doc shows that I am still pregnant..... I am headed in the right direction, things are all good and on schedule. I have been having braxton hicks (fancy word for false contractions) they feel really funny and I generally laugh to myself when I get them. I love the feeling of being pregnant, its like you are never alone and you always have someone with you. When she moves I smile or laugh like its our own personal joke, I will miss that. But I am sure that when she arrives she will give me plenty of reasons to laugh and smile. So we have been playing her music at night to get her used to somethings. My sister in law Jenny made us some really great Cd's, they are lullaby versions of Pink Floyd (husbands fave),and Cold Play. We have found she loves to listen to Cold Play, whether it is the lullaby version or the real thing, she starts moving and squirming in there, it is so cute. And puts the biggest smile on Jason's face, its kinda funny she loves the music that was played at our wedding....

The next busy thing going on is Christmas, I cant believe it has come so quickly this year. I have to admit I am not as in the gift giving/receiving spirit of Christmas this year. I don't know if it is because I am pregnant, tired all the time, or if it is due to the overwhelming economical times that everyone is experiencing. I have just not been in the present spirit of Christmas. Now that is not to say that I am defiantly in the mood for Christmas, the lights and music, being with family and friends, Christmas eve service and all those things I am so in the mood for. Both sides of my families are doing something really cool this year. We are spending an entire day together, playing games, watching movies, snacking and just being together. I am real excited about this. We are going to Jason's parents in the morning, I feel like such a little kid............I cant wait. The two days that I spend with my families just hanging out is way better than a tree full of things that I don't really need.

So in other things that are keeping us busy, how about getting ready for all the changes that will so soon be taking place. I think that Jason and I are pretty set with all things here at the house. The nursery is done, although I am having trouble with two certain cats whom think that the large comfortable crib is now there new bed. I think Mica feels that after living in the house for three years we were kind enough to finish her room, she is in there constantly.... we have to work on that. Our bedroom has been redecorated and looks amazing, I am proud to say after owning the home for five years we have real curtains in our bedroom and not ones that I fashioned out of old bedsheets, not that there is anything wrong with using bedsheets, but it feels so grown up to have real curtains. We also put the pack in play in our room which is where Kylie will sleep for the first few months, this the cats also feel is there bed, and they are grateful we finally gave them a proper place to sleep in our room..........we have to work on that. The dogs are having a few issues with all the baby stuff. Well for the most part I am not sure they understand much of anything. The boxer Jasmine is having some anxiety issues. I am home a lot more than I have ever been before..........probably the reason I am blogging. Now every time I get ready to leave the house she follows me all around whining. The while I am gone she proceeds to... well she has a dog tear'um up party as hep would say. Lets just say that the score, if we were keeping one is Beaner -3 Snowmen-0. Its kinda sad I feel bad scolding her and it does no good. It is going to be a wild trip with all these animals and a new baby, I hope she can hold her own.

Anyway with every ones lives being so busy and full I will finish with a saying that I really like.

Lord, please help me not to be so busy making a living I forget to make a life.

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