Monday, January 26, 2009

The basic everyday

It is amazing how my everyday has changed over the last month. I find that I easily lose track of what day it, mainly because for the most part I have no schedule and it doesn't matter what day it is. This in its own way is kinda nice, being that I am the type of person that used to live by a schedule... do this at this time and then go here...ect. It is funny because now I cant keep a schedule to save my life. When they say having a baby changes everything they mean it.

Speaking of Kylie is doing wonderful. She is getting bigger I can tell as she is starting to finally fill out her newborn clothing and diapers. She is becoming more alert during the day and evening, which is fun. I have noticed her following things more with her eyes and it seems she is trying to focus on things. When Jason calls her name she immediately looks at him, its so cute. She is making a stronger bond with him and this is helpful to me as he can now help calm her. {When she first came home, I was the only one that could do this, as I had nine months to bond with her prior to her arrival} Daddy is a huge help and even spent Saturday morning with her so that I could sleep in for an extra couple of hours. It is so much fun to have her around. We started reading this week, well I am doing the reading and she the listening but she loves it and I even get a few smiles when I sing her nursery rhymes. She laughed the other day in her sleep, it brought tears to my eyes, then I wondered what she may be dreaming about.

This past weekend we went to my parents house. We made a good attempt to take Kylie, Austin who is eight months old and Cody who is 6, to have their picture taken. It was a disaster. Cody did great, but the little ones took turns crying or fussing. About the time we would get one ready the other would start in. It was so funny, okay not funny at the time, funny now. We also were able to go to dinner with my brother, sister in law and my parents, plus all the kids. It was wonderful food and company. I really made for a great weekend.

Things here at the house have been kinda quite for the most part. Kylie and I spend our days hanging out, we watch Ellen at 3pm. Jason is running a night route this week so our schedule is a little off. It sucks him not being here at night, but we get several hours together during the day, trying to look on the bright side. And, hopefully it is only for this week. I have been searching and applying for jobs. Which is a little scary, the economy is so bad and I am not ready to leave her just yet. I would love to work part time maybe? Something will come along, I am a true beliver in everything happens for a reason. For the time being I will continue to savor the time with Kylie and Jason, and all the extra time I am getting to hang out with my family.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Identity

My little smile!

So I took Kylie for her first Drs. appt. last Wednesday, everything was wonderful. But a funny thing occured to me while filing out her paperwork, it asked for my employer and for the first time since I was fourteen I dont have one. I am a stay at home mom. It was ackward to me. I am used to working and I always thought that staying home was not for me. I think I was a little wrong, so far it has been wonderful and such a blessing. I mean I get to get out of bed whenever Kylie and I want, I have no set schedule. When Kylie allows I putter around the house getting my laundry and cleaning done, and guess what, if I dont get it all done its there the next day!
Kylie is growing, well it sure seems like it to me. Her umbilical cord fell off two days ago, it was such a mile stone for me anyways. We also recieved her social security card in the mail, what a big girl. She is doing really great though. Jason and I took her out last friday and went on a date. We went to Stringtown Rd. and went shopping at Best Buy and then had dinner at Olive Garden, it was very nice and she did so good, sleeping all the way through dinner. I was very proud of her. It was nice for Jason and I to get out as well. Thanks to our parents for the gift cards that we instrumental in our evening out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby girl Kylie McCoy Hatfield

She is here... well she has been here one week.....oh my gosh she is already one week old. The last five years of praying, crying, the heartbreak of one treatment after another not working, its all gone and was worth it in the the end. She is so perfect and everything we ever hoped for. I look at her when she is sleeping and just sit and cry, they are happy tears of course. She is so perfect! Jason and I are so blessed to have her, and to have the amazing family to share her with. Both mine and Jasons family has hardly been able to stay away. It has been so nice having family in and out of our house.. we live kinda far away in comparison to our other siblings so we dont get visits as regular.. which is okay and we understand the distance thing... I mean we chose to live out in the middle of no where. But is has been real nice to have everyone in. So the last few days Kylie and I have been on our own... Daddy had to go back to work (insert sad smiley). We have been doing pretty well. Lots of bonding time, feeding, sleeping and just staring at each other. Yesterday I called Jason to tell him that she had laughed in her sleep.. I wonder what she was dreaming about. It was such a mommy and daddy moment, like you see in the movies where the mom calls dad to tell him something cute the child did, I loved it. I imagined for five years what it would be like to be a mommy and someone asked me if it was all I thought it would be. Oh my yes and more. It took days to set in that I got to take her home and keep her. I was responsible for everything she need. That Jason and I had just had the biggest change ever in our lives. It is so cute to see us all cuddled in at night watching tv and being perfectly happy. I am a goer and a doer I thought staying at home would be hard, I have found the last week relaxing and it has given me time to reflect on things. I have loved it.

Tonight is Jasons birthday, he dosnt like to celebrate due to another awful event that happened on his birthday. I try every year to make it as special as possible, usually with little suscess. This year I will try again with his favorite dinner, steak and potatoes. I am setting a cute little table complete with beautiful pictures of his little girl and him. I plan to have a quite evening with just the three of us, enjoying one anothers company. I love you Jason and your baby girl says happy birthday daddy.