Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Identity

My little smile!

So I took Kylie for her first Drs. appt. last Wednesday, everything was wonderful. But a funny thing occured to me while filing out her paperwork, it asked for my employer and for the first time since I was fourteen I dont have one. I am a stay at home mom. It was ackward to me. I am used to working and I always thought that staying home was not for me. I think I was a little wrong, so far it has been wonderful and such a blessing. I mean I get to get out of bed whenever Kylie and I want, I have no set schedule. When Kylie allows I putter around the house getting my laundry and cleaning done, and guess what, if I dont get it all done its there the next day!
Kylie is growing, well it sure seems like it to me. Her umbilical cord fell off two days ago, it was such a mile stone for me anyways. We also recieved her social security card in the mail, what a big girl. She is doing really great though. Jason and I took her out last friday and went on a date. We went to Stringtown Rd. and went shopping at Best Buy and then had dinner at Olive Garden, it was very nice and she did so good, sleeping all the way through dinner. I was very proud of her. It was nice for Jason and I to get out as well. Thanks to our parents for the gift cards that we instrumental in our evening out!

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jenny mae. said...

im so glad you got to go out. i heard she hollared during dinner though. :( anyways it's nice to do some "normal" things right after babies are born i think.