Monday, January 26, 2009

The basic everyday

It is amazing how my everyday has changed over the last month. I find that I easily lose track of what day it, mainly because for the most part I have no schedule and it doesn't matter what day it is. This in its own way is kinda nice, being that I am the type of person that used to live by a schedule... do this at this time and then go here...ect. It is funny because now I cant keep a schedule to save my life. When they say having a baby changes everything they mean it.

Speaking of Kylie is doing wonderful. She is getting bigger I can tell as she is starting to finally fill out her newborn clothing and diapers. She is becoming more alert during the day and evening, which is fun. I have noticed her following things more with her eyes and it seems she is trying to focus on things. When Jason calls her name she immediately looks at him, its so cute. She is making a stronger bond with him and this is helpful to me as he can now help calm her. {When she first came home, I was the only one that could do this, as I had nine months to bond with her prior to her arrival} Daddy is a huge help and even spent Saturday morning with her so that I could sleep in for an extra couple of hours. It is so much fun to have her around. We started reading this week, well I am doing the reading and she the listening but she loves it and I even get a few smiles when I sing her nursery rhymes. She laughed the other day in her sleep, it brought tears to my eyes, then I wondered what she may be dreaming about.

This past weekend we went to my parents house. We made a good attempt to take Kylie, Austin who is eight months old and Cody who is 6, to have their picture taken. It was a disaster. Cody did great, but the little ones took turns crying or fussing. About the time we would get one ready the other would start in. It was so funny, okay not funny at the time, funny now. We also were able to go to dinner with my brother, sister in law and my parents, plus all the kids. It was wonderful food and company. I really made for a great weekend.

Things here at the house have been kinda quite for the most part. Kylie and I spend our days hanging out, we watch Ellen at 3pm. Jason is running a night route this week so our schedule is a little off. It sucks him not being here at night, but we get several hours together during the day, trying to look on the bright side. And, hopefully it is only for this week. I have been searching and applying for jobs. Which is a little scary, the economy is so bad and I am not ready to leave her just yet. I would love to work part time maybe? Something will come along, I am a true beliver in everything happens for a reason. For the time being I will continue to savor the time with Kylie and Jason, and all the extra time I am getting to hang out with my family.


Momof2boys said...

We are savoring this extra time as well. I understand your feelings about not wanting to go back to work. That's exactly how I felt with Cody, more than Austin, which sounds horrible, but, he was my first. Not everyone can understand it, but I do. It was a lot different with Austin because with this economy you almost have to have two incomes unless you move back in with your Okay, that's not really

jenny mae. said...

did you guys get any of the photos? seriously it is HARD to get kids of any age to chill out, look at the camera, and make any semblance of a normal face all at the same time. but darn it it's cute!